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Welcome to the fun world of Cub Scouting!

We would like to inform you of some of the basics of Cub Scouting as it relates to our Pack.


Good communication is essential to a successful pack.  One main method The Pack uses to inform you of various activities is via email.  You can get on the pack email list by sending an email from the account you wish to use to:

Pack Organization

The Pack is organized into Dens of five to eight boys of the same grade level. These Dens are led by at least two parents of the boys in the den. One will be the Den Leader and another will be the Assistant Den Leader. Having two assistants is even better, but not required.  Dens meet once a week at a location and time as arranged by the Den Leader with the parents.  The traditional location is usually in one of the classrooms at Washington Pike Methodist Church , from 7 to 8:15pm on Mondays. 


The program for each Scout is primarily dependent on his grade level. First grade boys are Tiger Cubs, second graders are Wolves, third graders are Bears, and fourth and fifth graders are Webelos. All new Cub Scouts in all grade levels will start out earning their Bobcat badge, which introduces them to the basics of Cub Scouting. Each program is designed to grow with the Scout’s maturity level. Although the Scouts will earn many of their achievements in the Den meetings, parent participation at home is required for all awards to be complete.

Tiger Cubs

First grade boys are in the Tiger Cub program, which operates a little differently from Cub Scouts (Wolves and Bears) and Webelos Scouts.  Tiger Cubs is for boys who are in the first grade (or are 7 years old) and their adult partners, who co-registers with him and is considered as a Tiger Cub team.  Five to eight teams form a Tiger Cub den.  Tiger Cubs runs on a shared leadership model, where a Tiger Cub den leader works with a different boy-adult partner each month to plan a total of four meetings per month: two den meetings, the Go See It, and the den's part in the Pack Meeting.  The Tiger Cub den leader gives leadership to planning and carrying out a year-round program of activities for the Tiger Cub Den.  Each boy-adult partner team assumes responsibility of hosting one or more months of den meetings with the Den Leader.  Meetings should last no longer than one hour.

The Tiger Cub den leader is a registered uniformed leader with the Boy Scouts and needs to attend training.  The adult partner is encouraged to wear the official orange Tiger Cub T-shirt, but not required.

Pack Meetings

The Pack meets once a month, usually on the third Monday of each month at 7PM in the Sanctuary of Washington Pike Methodist Church. If there is a Pack Campout or other activity scheduled the month, the Pack Meeting will be held as part of the activity during that weekend.  The Pack Meeting is where the Cub Scouts are presented with any awards they earned in the Dens as well as doing some fun events with the rest of the Dens in the Pack.  Ceremonies may be incorporated to help impart special emphasis upon the occasion.


Second year Webelos usually graduate into the Troop of their choice sometime near the end of the Cub Scout year (April or May), depending upon where how far they have advanced toward getting their Arrow of Light award.  Tigers through 1st year Webelos graduate into the next level during our Graduation and Bridging Ceremony at our Graduation Campfire, which is usually held during mid-May.  These are extremely important to the boys, so please attend to show your support for their accomplishments.



There are usually two or more camping opportunities during the year. All Pack members are encouraged to attend, but not required. Webelos are also encouraged to participate in additional campouts, called Overnighters, with their den or with a Boy Scout Troop so they can see what Boy Scouts is all about. Some Overnighters are required for the Arrow of Light badge.  A parent or Legal Guardian must accompany all scouts when camping. Parents are still responsible for their own children during every campout. Each family will need to supply their own equipment (tents, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, etc.). If you don’t know what to get, how to camp, or would like to borrow some equipment, call the Cubmaster. We will do everything we can to help you get started on some of the best times you will have with your family. If there is enough interest, we will conduct a “how to camp” seminar during the first campout of the year. Many families who join Cub Scouting have never camped before, which makes this an outstanding opportunity to learn how to camp with others who have experience camping.


In early January of every year, the Council has Rechartering for each Pack.  In essence, you will need to pay an annual registration fee at that time for your boy to remain in the Pack.  If you plan to continue with scouting into the next year, your rechartering fee covers that.  If you do not intend to continue into the following year, but you want your son to finish the current year (until mid-May), then you will need to pay a prorated fee to cover him until he graduates.  This process is difficult every year, so please bear with us as we go through this process. The registration fee for one year is $25.00.  This includes $24.00 council fee and $1.00 for insurance.


Uniforms are required for the boys for all Den and Pack activities unless otherwise directed by your Den Leader (for Den meetings) or Cubmaster (for Pack meetings and activities). (Note that a complete uniform for Pack 213 is "from the belt up," meaning that you do not have to buy the pants or socks.)  Uniforms and other supplies can be bought at the Great Smoky Mountain Council Boy Scout Shop at 1333 Old Weisgarber Road. If cost is an obstacle, please let the Cubmaster know this since we may have a few uniforms that have been turned in for others to use.  It is understood that for the first month, some may have difficulty acquiring the complete uniform. It is hoped that you will be able to have the complete uniform (from the belt up) by the October Pack Meeting.

Events Calendar

Please see the Events Calendar page with all of the planned activities for the upcoming year.  Please look this over and transfer these dates to your personal calendar at home. Automated reminder emails will be sent prior to the evnt. As we progress through the year, we may make changes depending upon the current circumstances, so please jot these down as they occur.


Membership in the Cub Scouts requires that you believe in God. By what name and how you worship God is up to you and your family. Membership in a church is strongly encouraged, but not required. The Cub Scouts recognize spiritual growth as being just as important as mental and physical growth. Although religious instruction is not a major part of our program, we do have inspirational messages during Campouts or at other times, and we encourage the earning of religious awards through the organization “P.R.A.Y.”  From time to time, we may coordinate with our Sponsor organization, which is Buffat Heights Baptist Church, to offer optional classes for Protestant Christian awards (God & Me, God & Family). These classes can be arranged with other places of worship for just about any religion.  For more information, contact the Cubmaster.


One of the goals of Scouting is to provide a good moral example for the boys. For this reason, drinking alcoholic beverages and the use of profane language is considered unacceptable at all pack and den functions. Smoking should be done away and out of sight from the boys.  Remember that the boys observe how we talk about and treat each other, whether they appear to be paying attention or not.  Values are caught, not taught.

Scouting is a Family Affair

Another Cub Scouting goal is to strengthen the family unit. This is done by having activities like camping and by having THE PARENT participate in the Scout’s advancement. Please remember that volunteers run this unit. We need your help to keep this unit running. Either as a Den Leader, Committee Member, Event Chair, or as a worker, parent participation is required to keep this unit functioning and capable of providing a quality program for the young men it serves.  Please consider serving.

With your help, we’re confident this will be the best year ever for your Pack!

Yours in Scouting…

Greg Barnett, Cubmaster