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Cub Scout Pack 75
(Flushing, New York)
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As a parent or guardian, you want to instill in your child:

            - self reliance
            - dependability
            - sense of worth

In scouting we offer guidance with these goals and others.  Since 1910 we have been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities.  We work with parents and guardians in teaching their sons:
- how to make good decisions
            - give them confidence as they grow into
               adult leaders of tomorrow

All too often the idea of "Winning is Everything" is in the public eye and your sons.  If we live by this, then there will be times that bad decisions will be made.  Cub Scouting teaches him the following:

- do your best
            - be helpful to others

The Pack will involve your son in a group of 8-12 boys his own age.  This is where he will earn status and achievements while gaining a sense of personal achievement from the new skills he learns.