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Join Cub Scouting and Pack 1040!

The Cub Scouting program year runs from June 1st through May 31st.  A new Cub Scout wishing to join Pack 1040 needs to do the following:
  1. Complete the "Boy Scouts of America - Youth Application"  (Fill out both the UNIT COPY and LOCAL COUNCIL COPY parts)
  2. Complete the "Annual Health and Medical Record"  (Parts A & B only)
  3. Complete a "Pack 1040 Registration form" (available at Pack meetings)
  4. Write a check for $135 made payable to "Cub Scout Pack 1040" for annual dues  (Dues decrease to $85 per year, starting with the scout's second year in Pack 1040)
  5. Bring all of the above to the next Pack 1040 meeting
These forms are linked below.  You may bring them (already completed) to a Pack meeting - or obtain copies at a Pack meeting, and fill them out there.

The official Cub Scout uniform is worn at all den and pack meetings and activities unless otherwise stated.  New uniform parts are available at the Scout Shop in Bethesda or Hanover (near BWI Airport), or mail-ordered at, or used items may often be obtained at thrift shops.  We may have some spare uniform parts within the Pack, so feel free to check with us before purchasing.

Aim to have your son fully uniformed by the second pack meeting after joining at the latest (e.g., Oct pack meeting if joining in Sep).

The tip on uniforms is buy a size or two larger than you think!  Boys grow fast, so the shirt and pants that he's swimming in now will probably only last about 2 years before he outgrows it.

The uniform consists of the following items supplied by the family: 
* Official short sleeve shirt, blue (~$23 new) 
* Official pants (zip-off variety for shorts), blue (~$25 new) 
* Official web blue belt w/Cub buckle, blue (~$9 new) 
* Official cap (dark blue for Lion, orange for Tiger, yellow for Wolf, light blue for Bear, plaid for Webelos) (~$12 new) 
* Official socks, blue w/orange top for Tiger (w/yellow top for Wolf, Bear, and Webelos) (~$6 new)
* Insignia for shirt - National Capital Area Council strip, world crest (~$3.50)
* Slide (can use the same one for all years, or get a new one for the rank each year)

Some uniform and insignia items will be supplied by the pack: 
* "1040" strip 
* Den numeral strip 
* Quality Unit patch
* Neckerchief (for Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos)

For a new adult leader or volunteer to join the pack, please fill out a 
"Boy Scouts of America - Adult Application" and then send or bring to the pack membership lead as in #6 above.  The pack pays the adult leader fees.

All new adult leaders will receive free the following
 uniform and insignia items supplied by the pack:
* "1040" strip
Den numeral strip (if applicable)
* Quality Unit patch