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Boy Scout Troop 501
(Esperance, New York)
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By itself the phrase seems scary, but it really isn't (trust me).

Each date listed at the top of this page (each one is a Thursday) at 7pm the Troop is holding a PLC.

These council meetings are essential for our boy scout troop to run. Troop 501 is a boy led Troop. The adults are here in order to facilitate, guide, and enable the boys, but it is the scouts themselves that decide what the Troop does.

All meetings and camping trips are planned and decided upon by the scouts.

Those that are requested to attend these meetings are the:

Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leaders
Assistant Patrol
Troop Scribe

If any scout not in the above list
wishes to contribute to the meeting with outing, day trip, or meeting ideas, please talk to your patrol leader so they can bring it up to the PLC.

At these meetings the next 2-3 months of meetings and outings will be decided upon. Meetings that have already been planned will be reviewed.

Meetings that only take about an hour.

Refreshments/snacks/drinks will be provided.

The meetings are held at:

The Whitman Household
10075 Mariaville Road