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Kitchen Patrol

In Troop 168, each Patrol gets assigned a day of duty in the Kitchen.   All Scouts must spend at least three meals in the kitchen assisting with food preparation, preparing the serving line and dining hall for meals, and other responsibilities as needed.

The Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol are responsible for keeping their patrols organized and on task for the day.  The amount of free time that Scouts in a particular Patrol get, completely depends on the efficiency of that particular Patrol.   (In other words, if a Patrol functions well and works together as a team, they tend to have more time for activities than those patrols that are disorganized.)

At the beginning of our week on the Island, the Duty Roster will be posted by the SPL noting which Patrols have which assigned days in the Kitchen.   If a Scout is aware that he may have visitors on the day he is assigned to KP, or if the Scout is aware that he may want to work on a Merit Badge that day, the Scout is responsible for working with his Patrol Leader for a substitute.

All Scouts should review the attachment below to fully understand the responsibilities of being assigned in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Patrol Responsibilities.pdf Kitchen Patrol Responsibilities  

Kitchen Apprentice

Each year, Troop 168 will select one volunteer Scout to serve as the "Kitchen Apprentice" for the week.

The Kitchen Apprentice position is for any scout that would like to learn more about preparing meals on a large scale.  The Apprentice will report directly to Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Hoxsie, helping them to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner while we are on the Island.  The position is ideally suited for a Scout who has served in the Troop for two to three years and is looking for a different experience where he can enhance his food handling skills.

The Kitchen Apprentice can expect to have a slightly more flexible schedule than Scouts assigned to a patrol.   He should plan on being in the kitchen during breakfast, lunch, and dinner on most days, but arrangements can be made with Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Hoxsie for a shift off, if needed.   

Some of the duties the Kitchen Apprentice may perform:   Managing the deep fryer, cutting fruit and vegetables, working on the BBQ grill or the grill in the kitchen, teaching other Scouts how to perform basic tasks in the kitchen, and working with the Patrol Leader assigned to KP for the day to ensure all tasks are being performed.

The Kitchen Apprentice is not assigned to the patrol duty roster and does not usually perform Fort or Town Duty, unless a patrol is short on Scouts for the day.  He, however, will also be assigned to a Patrol for the Softball and Volleyball tournaments and to fall out for flag formation in front of the barracks.

The Kitchen Apprentice is still expected to participate in Flag Duty twice per day.

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Troop 168 Kitchen Apprentice Questionaire.pdf