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Cub Scout Pack 976
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Wolf Rank Requirements (2nd Grade)

  1. Complete each of the six Wolf required adventures:
    1. Call of the Wild
    2. Council Fire
    3. Duty to God Footsteps
    4. Howling at the Moon
    5. Paws on the Path
    6. Running With the Pack
  1. In addition to the six required adventures listed previously, complete at least one Wolf elective adventure of your den's or family's choosing from this list: Adventures in CoinsAir of the WolfCode of the WolfCubs Who CareDigging in the PastFinding Your WayGerms Alive!Paws of SkillSpirit of the Water
  1. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, complete the exercises in the pamphlet entitled How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide.
  1. Watch the Protect Yourself Rules video for 2nd Grade, Wolf.
    (The video is located at and can be watched on-line or downloaded and viewed off-line.)
    OR Earn the Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure for Wolf.
  1. Earn the Bobcat Rank, if not previously earned.