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Cub Scout Pack 635
(Citrus Heights, California)
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Lion Parent and Leader Guide

Icon File Name Comment  
Animal Kingdom.pdf  
Build It Up, Knock It Down.pdf  
Fun On the Run!.pdf  
Gizmos and Gadgets.pdf  
I'll Do It Myself.pdf  
King of the Jungle.pdf  
Lion's Honor.pdf  
Mountain Lion.pdf  
On Your Mark.pdf  
Pick My Path.pdf  
Rumble in the Jungle.pdf  
Rumble in the Jungle.pdf  

Tiger Den Leader Guide

Icon File Name Comment  
Curiousity, Intrique, and Magical Mysteries.pdf  
Earning Your Stripes.pdf  
Family Stories.pdf  
Floats and Boats.pdf  
Games Tigers Play.pdf  
Good Knights.pdf  
My Tiger Jungle.pdf  
Rolling Tigers.pdf  
Sky is the Limit.pdf  
Stories in Shapes.pdf  
Team Tiger.pdf  
Tiger - Safe and Smart.pdf  
Tiger Bites.pdf  
Tiger Circles - Duty to God.pdf  
Tiger Tag.pdf  
Tiger Tales.pdf  
Tiger Theater.pdf  
Tigers in the Wild.pdf  

Wolf Den Leader Guide

Icon File Name Comment  
Adventures in Coins.pdf  
Air of the Wolf.pdf  
Call of the Wild.pdf  
Code of the Wolf.pdf  
Collections and Hobbies.pdf  
Council Fire.pdf  
Cubs Who Care.pdf  
Digging in the Past.pdf  
Duty to God Footsteps.pdf  
Finding Your Way.pdf  
Germs Alive!.pdf  
Grow Something.pdf  
Hometown Heroes.pdf  
Howling at the Moon.pdf  
Motor Away.pdf  
Paws of Skill.pdf  
Paws on the Path.pdf  
Running with the Pack.pdf  
Spirit of the Water.pdf  

Bear Den Leader Guide

Icon File Name Comment  
A Bear Goes Fishing.pdf  
A World of Sound.pdf  
Baloo the Builder.pdf  
Bear Claws.pdf  
Bear Necessities.pdf  
Bear Picnic Basket.pdf  
Beat of the Drum.pdf  
Critter Care.pdf  
Fellowship and Duty to God.pdf  
Fur, Feathers, and Ferns.pdf  
Grin and Bear It.pdf  
Make it Move.pdf  
Marble Madness.pdf  
Paws for Action.pdf  
Roaring Laughter.pdf  
Salmon Run.pdf  
Super Science.pdf  


Icon File Name Comment  
AOL-Building A Better World.pdf  
AOL-Duty to God in Action.pdf  
AOL-Outdoor Adventurer.pdf  
AOL-Scouting Adventure.pdf  
Elective-Adventures in Science.pdf  
Elective-Art Explosion.pdf  
Elective-Aware and Care.pdf  
Elective-Build It.pdf  
Elective-Build My Own Hero.pdf  
Elective-Earth Rocks.pdf  
Elective-Fix It.pdf  
Elective-Game Design.pdf  
Elective-Into the Wild.pdf  
Elective-Into the Woods.pdf  
Elective-Looking Back, Looking Forward.pdf  
Elective-Movie Making.pdf  
Elective-Project Family.pdf  
Webelos-Cast Iron Chef.pdf  
Webelos-Duty to God and You.pdf  
Webelos-First Responder.pdf  
Webelos-Stronger, Faster, Higher.pdf  
Webelos-Webelos Walkabout.pdf  

Appendix for all Leader Guides

Icon File Name Comment  
Appendix 1.pdf  
Appendix 2.pdf  
Appendix 3.pdf  
Appendix 4.pdf  
Appendix 5.pdf  
Appendix 6.pdf  
Appendix 7.pdf  
Appendix 8.pdf  
Appendix 9.pdf  
Appendix Contents.pdf  
Insignia Placement - Cub Scout.pdf  
Insignia Placement - Webelos.pdf  

Pack Plans

Icon File Name Comment  
310-842(15)_April Cheerful_WEB (Strike Up the Band).pdf  
310-842(15)_April Thrifty_WEB (Power Up!).pdf  
310-842(15)_August Courteous_WEB (S'more Cub Scout Fun).pdf  
310-842(15)_August Friendly_WEB (#Cubscouts).pdf  
310-842(15)_December Cheerful_WEB (Celebrate).pdf  
310-842(15)_December Reverent_WEB (Winter Wonderland).pdf  
310-842(15)_February Friendly_WEB (Friends Near and Far).pdf  
310-842(15)_February Reverent_WEB (Passport to Other Lands).pdf  
310-842(15)_January Obedient_WEB (Cub Scout City Council).pdf  
310-842(15)_January Trustworthy_WEB (The Great Race).pdf  
310-842(15)_July Loyal_WEB (Scout Salute).pdf  
310-842(15)_July Trustworthy_WEB (Let the Games Begin).pdf  
310-842(15)_June Brave_WEB (Roaming Reptile Alert).pdf  
310-842(15)_June Obedient_WEB (It's A Hit).pdf  
310-842(15)_March Loyal_WEB (Our National Treasures).pdf  
310-842(15)_March Thrifty_WEB (Cubstruction).pdf  
310-842(15)_May Clean_WEB (A Picnic with Pizzazz).pdf  
310-842(15)_May Kind_WEB (My Animal Friends).pdf  
310-842(15)_November Courteous_WEB (Cubs in Shining Armor).pdf  
310-842(15)_November Helpful_WEB (Cubs in Action).pdf  
310-842(15)_October Brave_WEB (Super Cub!).pdf  
310-842(15)_October Kind_WEB (Creepy Crawlers).pdf  
310-842(15)_September Clean_WEB (Cubservation).pdf  
310-842(15)_September Helpful_WEB (To the Rescue).pdf  
310-842(17)_April_Loyal (Cubs in the Future).pdf  
310-842(17)_August_Clean (Destination Parks).pdf  
310-842(17)_December_Kind (Paying It Forward).pdf  
310-842(17)_February_Cheerful Abracadabra!.pdf  
310-842(17)_January_Helpful (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs).pdf  
310-842(17)_July_Brave (Home of the Brave).pdf  
310-842(17)_June_Obedient (Wheel into Summer).pdf  
310-842(17)_March_Trustworthy (Cub Scout Investigators).pdf  
310-842(17)_May_Friendly (Treasure Hunters).pdf  
310-842(17)_November_Reverent (Cubs Give Thanks).pdf  
310-842(17)_October_Thrifty (A-Camping We Will Go).pdf  
310-842(17)_September_Courteous (How the West was Fun).pdf