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Cub Scout Pack 89
(Kennett, Missouri)
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Definitions of Scouting...


Awards:   These will be presented at the pack meeting, when a den leader has approved the qualifications of the award.   

Assistant Cubmaster:  The assistant leader of the pack.  Helps Cubmaster plan the pack meeting.  Conducts the pack meeting in the absence of the Cubmaster.

Active Scout:  All Cub Scouts and their parents are encouraged to support their den and pack through active participation.  A 60% attendance per quarter is required by each scout to participate in any extra or "fun" activities and to receive awards.  Attendance shall consist of required den meetings and required pack meetings.  Den leaders and assistant den leaders should be held to the same attendance rules.   

Blue and Gold:  Each February the pack will hold a birthday party for scouting.  This is one of the highlighted events in a pack year.  Scouts that have completed rank requirements will receive their rank.  

BSA:  Boy Scouts of America. 

Chain of Command:
  The order in which to contact leadership.  

Code of Conduct:  The behavioral expectations of scouts, siblings and parents.

Committee Chair:  Helps develop the pack program plan.  Plans the agenda for the pack committee meeting.  Presents the charter to the charter organization.

Class A Uniform:
   Rank-specific neckerchief, slide, hat, socks and belt, official cub scout blue shirt with all appropriate patches and blue shorts and/or pants with belt loops. Webelos have the choice of wearing the official cub scout blue uniform as previously mentioned or the Webelos uniform which consists of olive pants/shorts and tan shirt with belt (if not attached to pants), neckerchief, slide and hat.  

Class B Uniform
:  Official Pack shirt with denim shorts/jeans.  If weather is cold, the scout may wear a navy blue long-sleeved shirt under the pack shirt.

Cubmaster:  The leader of the pack.  Plans the yearly pack program.

Den:  A group of age-specific boys that meet together to achieve their rank of Tiger, Wolf, Bear , Webelos I or Webelos II.

Den Leader:  The leader of an age-specific group of boys. 
Field of Dreams:  A scout event to watch the SA Missions play baseball.

  In order to raise money, the pack will conduct at least 3 fundraisers including the fall popcorn sale.  

Optional Event:  A fun event that is not counted towards attendance requirements.

Pack:  All of the dens and patrols as a whole.  We are Pack 89.


Pack Committee:  The committee comprised of parents and leaders who make decisions on behalf of the pack.


Patrol:  Boy Scout equivalent to a den.

Pinewood Derby:
  Each scout will build their own car.  Precut cars are acceptable.  Please remember adults may help, but at least 90% of the work should be done by the scout.  The cars will be raced on a pinewood derby track.  It will be a single elimination race by den.  

Raingutter Regatta:  Each scout will build their own sailboat from a kit purchased at the scout shop.  Please remember adults may help, but at least 90% of the work should be done by the scout.  The boats will then be blown by the scout down a raingutter.  It will be a single elimination race by den. 

Rank:  Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I and Webelos II.

Recharter:  Each year in January, you must pay to remain in the pack. All of this money goes to BSA.

Red Vest:  This is a felt vest purchased from the scout shop or hand-made.  Fun patches any patch not worn on the official cub scout uniform, may be worn on this vest.

Required Event:  An event required by the attendance policy, i.e., den meetings and pack meetings.

Secretary:  Presents written minutes of the previous meeting .  Takes minutes at all meetings.  Sends out mailings as requested by the Committee Chair or Cubmaster. 

Scholarships:   Scouts needing assistance must be presented to the committee and all information supplied to the committee's satisfaction.  Scouts not actively participating in fundraisers, shall not be considered for financial assistance.

Space Derby:  Each scout will build their own rocket from a kit purchased at the scout shop.  Each ship must have 3 rubber bands.  Please remember adults may help, but at least 90% of the work should be done by the scout.  The rockets are attached to a hanger (provided) on a monofilament line.  This is a single elimination race by den. 

Special Event Patch:   Patches earned by attending a special scout event, i.e., circus, Field of Dreams, Rampage, etc. 

Treasurer:  Reports monthly on the fiscal health of the pack in a report describing income and expenses at the committee meeting.  Deposits monies into checking and/or savings accounts.  Reconciles bank statement.  Gives receipts for the pack records.

Uniforms:  See Class A uniform.  See Class B uniform

   If any person has any questions regarding the above definitions please use the chain of command.

   Thank you...